About #Lifestyle

#Lifestyle is the main brand behind some of our major conferences and brands for the ministry. The vision behind #lifestyle is all based on how important every aspect of your lifestyle is to God. The most important being your spirit health.

Aside from being spiritually healthy, it’s important that as children of God we have a sound mind, be physically healthy and also be happy. We believe it’s our ministry’s mission to make sure anyone and everyone experiences the best life and heaven has to offer.

In order to reach out to as many people as possible, #Lifestyle is working on many projects including the #Lifestyle televangelism program and the #Lifestyle conferences. The #Lifestyle Conference is an innovative strategy to address different aspects of people’s lives.

Not only do people get to experience the dynamic, informative and life changing teaching by Stephanie Chiyangwa but as a ministry we have partnered up with other world renowned Ministers, preachers, musicians and professionals. There are no stones left unturned at the #Lifestyle conference.