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About Stephanie

Born in Zimbabwe, Pastor Stephanie Chiyangwa spent the first 16 years of her life in Harare. She is now currently based in the UK. At no point did she ever imagine herself leading a ministry or following God’s calling. Her father Dr Phillip Chiyangwa is considered as one of the most successful African entrepreneurs. Her mother is a British Citizen and Mental Health Expert, who has been the most influential person in Pastor Stephanie’s life.

Pastor Stephanie gave her life to Jesus at the age of 15. She was a member of Awake Grace Ministries from the time she moved to the UK. It was in that church that the calling upon her life was established. While at Awake Grace Ministries, Stephanie served as an usher, an amour bearer, a treasurer and eventually a church administrator.

Divine Encounters”

Pastor Stephanie noted several divine encounters as she was growing up, however, she always thought they were fantasies, it was only after she gave her life to Jesus through Pastor Tom Deuschle, that some of what she considered to be “fantasies” became clear angelic and divine encounters. While serving in Awake Grace Ministries, at the age of 19, Pastor Stephanie was given an opportunity to share for 10 minutes as part of the program, on this day the calling upon her life was witnessed and acknowledged by the church leadership, who then insisted she attend bible college, however she was reluctant as she believed her true calling was to be an entrepreneur just  like her father. After this first ministration opportunity, Pastor Stephanie received 7 prophesies from 7 different preachers and 7 different locations with the exact words and it was after these 7 prophecies that Pastor Stephanie accepted the call of God and pursued a degree in theology.

Global Impact”

Since then Pastor Stephanie has preached to thousands across Southern Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom. She has over a decade of preaching and ministry experience. Pastor Stephanie is known for her powerful delivery of the unadulterated gospel and prophetic utterances. She is also renowned for her wisdom and intellect but above all, her most significant impact has been through philanthropic and humanitarian work off the pulpit. A mentor to thousands of women under the Lotus Lady Organisation, which she founded in 2016. Pastor Stephanie has supported north of 800 orphans through her charity organisation Help Us Help Ourselves which she founded in 2010 through educational scholarships and beyond.

A Generation of Powerful Women”

Pastor Stephanie has 3 degrees, BSc Honours Public Health, BSc Clinical Psychology, BA Theology, a Masters in Public Health and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Mental Health and a PhD in Epidemiology. She is the author of Situation is Never Destiny and she is set to release 2 more books in the first half of 2021 titled “My Body His Temple” and LOYALTY – And your God be my God.

Stephanie has a wealth of experience in the corporate world, in which she has set up and manages several business entities in the UK and Zimbabwe. Pastor Stephanie believes passionately in empowering women and supporting individuals to reach their optimum God ordained purpose.

The Great Revival”

Pastor Stephanie founded the Cornerstone Church in 2020. The ministry currently has members in  the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Canada and South Africa. After over a decade of serving as an itinerant minister, the Lord revealed to Pastor Stephanie that he would be raising an army of women in this Generation that would usher in a Revival and she would be one of the women he would use. It was upon this revelation and encounter that The Cornerstone Church was birthed.

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