The Lotus Lady

The Lotus Lady me mentoring program was founded by Stephanie Chiyangwa in 2016, with the sole purpose of connecting the next generation of female decision-makers to global leaders passionate about sharing their valuable know-how and network.  The mentorship program uses a holistic approach to tackle spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological issues and proven methodologies to support women. With hundreds of success stories and testimonials, the Lotus Lady is an growing movement that has ushered a new age of women who operate from a place of genuineness, love, kindness and oneness.

Aside from the one on one support each woman receives from Stephanie, she has also put together a panel of top-notch international leaders, investors and managers that are sure to help you skyrocket your career. Our mentoring program is designed for all female change-makers, that:

РCommitted  РBroken РHopeless РReady to put in the work

Yes, we are open for all ambitious women across the world, no matter your label – founders, corporate leaders, young professionals, mindset is what makes the difference!

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